FISMA Cloud Hosting

Through its hosting division - GovDataHosting.Com, IT-CNP is able to provide specialized turn-key FISMA compliant solutions to all U.S. Government entities including all civilian executive departments (FISMA NIST Methodology), independent agencies, government corporations, boards, commissions, as well as U.S. Department of Defense (FISMA DOD RMF Methodology), Federal law enforcement and Intelligence community.

:: FedRAMP Compliant (JAB P-ATO Authorization)

IT-CNP's GovDataHosting Cloud Platform Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering has met all rigorous security compliance requirements necessary to receive authorization from FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) for a Provisional Authorization To Operate (P-ATO). Agencies can now leverage IT-CNP's FedRAMP approved security compliance documentation package to significantly reduce mandatory compliance and independent audit expenses while accelerating their cloud system implementation timelines.

:: Accelerated FISMA C&A (A&A) Path

By utilizing proven NIST and DOD RMF security documentation personnel and templates, experienced implementation personnel as well as lessons learned from prior deployments IT-CNP is able to significantly accelerate the initial C&A implementation cycle.

:: NIST and DOD RMF Compliant Turn-Key Solutions

IT-CNP is able to provide specialized turn-key FISMA compliant solutions to all U.S. Government entities including all civilian executive departments (FISMA NIST Methodology), independent agencies, government corporations, boards, commissions, as well as U.S. Department of Defense (FISMA DOD RMF Methodology), Federal law enforcement and Intelligence community.

:: Lower Implementation Risk

By successfully implementing a number of highly visible hosted FISMA solution deployments, fully documenting lessons learned and effectively utilizing experienced personnel skilled in FISMA legislative guidance as well as Presidential, NIST and DOD RMF guidelines, IT-CNP customers enjoy the opportunity to significantly reduce implementation risk.

:: Reduced FISMA C&A and Operating Costs

IT-CNP utilizes a number of proven cost-effective tools, processes and procedures to leverage its existing technology infrastructure and security compliance fabric to reduce the initial and on-going system operating costs associated with FISMA compliance.

:: PMI Certified Implementation Management Team

Each customer engagement is managed by a Project Management Institute (PMI) certified project manager experienced in deploying FISMA compliant hosted solutions. A technical account lead also supports each solution to enforce quality and ensure delivery of customer's secure infrastructure.

:: U.S. Based Support Team

IT-CNP provides support services from Baltimore, MD, Columbia, MD, Dallas, TX and Cleveland, OH. All support personnel are required to be U.S. Citizens with required successful adjudication of background investigation from U.S. Office of Personnel Management. A majority of IT-CNP's GovDataHosting personnel hold various levels of security clearances.

:: 100% Infrastructure Availability SLA

IT-CNP offers the industry's only 100% Infrastructure availability Service Level Agreement (SLA). This performance guarantee also extends to all system components under our managed care support to ensure that customers receive optimal level of performance expected for Government mission critical systems.

:: Responsive High Priority Support

Unlike other service organizations, GovDataHosting.Com takes pride in its track record of technical expertise, responsiveness and total customer satisfaction. We are the industry's only support team that routinely goes above and beyond expected scope of support to ensure that customers receive the world-class service they expect. Most support issues that are not resolved immediately are completed within 4 hours or escalated to senior management for review.

:: Global Secure FISMA Hosting Delivery Capabilities for U.S. Government Customers

For the demanding needs of U.S. Government missions in continental United States as well as abroad, GovDataHosting.Com provides a variety of FISMA compliant turn-key solutions to accommodate the most demanding geographic, technical and security requirements. FISMA-compliant hosting is available to support the mission of U.S. Federal Government entities in all areas of continental United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia.

:: Active Portfolio of FISMA Compliant Federal Customers

IT-CNP prides itself on currently supporting Federal agencies within both FISMA NIST and DOD RMF Certification and Accreditation boundaries. Having successfully performed a variety of different FIPS 199 category implementations, our implementations come with a specific level of assurance and guarantee that your system will be implemented on time, within budget with minimal risk.

:: Authorization To Operate (ATO) Guarantee

Having been audited for FISMA NIST and DOD RMF compliance by multiple U.S. Federal Agency Information System Security Officer (ISSO) organizations, Offices of Inspector General (OIG) and private auditors working on behalf of the Government, IT-CNP is confident that its implemented Technical, Operational and Management controls will be sufficient to demonstrate FISMA compliance for your project. We guarantee that as long as your unique system components are compliant with Federal security guidance your system is eligible for streamlined C&A and subsequent ATO.

:: Convenient All-Inclusive Fixed Price Model

To accommodate fixed price nature of Government projects, IT-CNP delivers its services on a cost-effective fixed price basis which includes a fixed setup fee for any initial products or services required to enable your solution as well as a fixed monthly fee charged for performing all required daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual technical and security tasking in order to maintain system accreditation and ensure secure on-going operation.

:: On Demand Resource Utilization-Based Cloud Price Model

To accommodate resource based variable price nature of some Government projects, IT-CNP is also able to deliver its cloud hosting services on a cost-effective variable price basis which includes unit prices for disk, memory, processor and bandwidth utilization.

:: IT-CNP's Cloud Offers:

  • FISMA NIST Cloud Hosting
  • FISMA DOD RMF Cloud Hosting
  • FISMA Private Cloud Hosting
  • FISMA S-a-a-S Hosting
  • SSAE-16 Cloud Hosting
  • Custom Hosting Solutions