IT Logistics

IT Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the effective and efficient flow of software, hardware and related IT services from the point of origin to the point of consumption by technology end users.

IT-CNP specializes in effective development and management of optimized IT service supply chain that lowers costs and enhances mission value for our government customers. We provide the following logistics support services in support of our customers’ requirements:

  • IT Project and Program Management
  • Program Control
  • IT Acquisition and Integration Support Services
  • Program Outreach
  • System Engineering and CIO Support
  • Business Data Analytics
  • Market Research and Special Studies

IT Project and Program Management

IT-CNP’s information technology program and project management support services are based on the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) methodology, experience, customer agency-specific processes and lessons learned supporting multiple customers. Activities representative of our project and program management support are:

  • Support all phases of the project lifecycle (Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, Closing)
  • Effectively manage and analyze a portfolio of projects through program management
  • Review, assess, and analyze program requirements, goals, and objectives
  • Assess and implement strategies, courses of action and proposals
  • Recommend integration of technical directives and next generation system capabilities
  • Review, assess and analyze contract deliverables and status reports
  • Provide technical management support for the preparation, coordination, facilitation and post evaluation of program management reviews/meetings, technical reviews and other program related events.
  • Support and attend meetings, prepare agendas, minutes, and other meeting documentation.

Program Control

IT-CNP provides oversight and guidance to ensure projects are successfully executed on-time and within the assigned budget parameters. Activities representative of our program control support are:

  • Develop and update detailed project plans for all projects and activities
  • Track project costs and prepare/update related project cost spreadsheets
  • Develop, track and report key Program metrics
  • Produce Business and Financial Plans with projections
  • Provide financial analysis support to systematically integrate business, cost estimating and financial management processes to ensure the efficient stewardship of public funds
  • Develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures

Information Technology Acquisition and Integration Support Services

IT-CNP supports the procurement of brand name software and hardware for customer personnel. We also support acquisition of professional services for the supported programs and program personnel. Activities representative of our acquisition and integration support are:

  • Develop and maintain Standard Acquisition Operating Procedures
  • Assist with the development of acquisition strategy
  • Derive and document customer requirements
  • Assist with preparation and development of acquisition packages
  • Assist with evaluation of acquisition vehicles
  • Assist with development of requests for proposals and request for quotations

Program Outreach

IT-CNP provides strategic communication support. Activities representative of our program outreach services are:

  • Develop communication briefings for all audience levels
  • Build promotional materials for customer and vendor education and outreach
  • Measure and evaluate the effectiveness of communications strategies
  • Identify, develop and implement recommendations for improving communications
  • Deliver and maintain a Strategic Communications Plan
  • Collaborate, plan and oversee all logistics for communication events
  • Obtain and summarize customer feedback on the program

System Engineering and CIO Support

IT-CNP provides systems engineering support to multiple customers’ Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Activities representative of our system engineering and CIO support services are:

  • Work in close coordination with architects to develop future technology roadmaps
  • Provide technical expertise on acquisitions
  • Provide detailed technology recommendations to CIO and program staff
  • Evaluate and recommend emerging technology opportunities
  • Provide Independent Validation and Verification support solutions and deliverables
  • Develop and execute detailed project plans engineering and support projects
  • Help with identification and implementation of IT asset discovery and management

Business Data Analytics

IT-CNP provides expert techniques and resources to conduct inspection, cleaning, transforming, and data modeling with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision making. We perform data analytics on acquisition related data residing in several financial and acquisitions systems and gather data from these sources to conduct in-depth analysis to deliver current and future state of all acquisitions and contracts. Activities representative of our business data analytics services are:

  • Identify disparate systems where acquisition data is residing
  • Map data and normalize data so it can be used for analysis and reporting purpose
  • Develop dashboard for all existing and future acquisitions
  • Develop detailed timeline and major acquisition related milestones for all contracts
  • Develop financial reports that provide clear view into all contracts so the leadership has a better information to make sound decisions for all acquisitions

Market Research and Special Studies

IT-CNP provides senior-level expertise and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in performing studies and analyses to address strategic and business issues that directly relate to the activities required to achieve our customers’ strategic goals. Activities representative of our market research and special studies services are:

Strategic/Tactical Support

  • Accomplish project assessments, forecasting, and development of strategies for organizations’ success
  • Provide business process management (BPM), business process reengineering (BPR) and data modeling
  • Support operations of various IT management processes such as IT governance, IT Investment portfolio management, and IT performance
  • Conduct various internal and external product and capabilities studies
  • Document and deliver the results and studies in the form of baseline analysis, and provide presentations support as directed by customers
  • Provide strategic recommendations as result of studies and analytical tasks
  • Assess the capabilities, performance levels, and management of various IT services
  • Develop recommendations for project recovery efforts

Business Support

  • Define, develop, and test strategies for target applications
  • Document the current business processes
  • Develop “to-be” business processes based on input from client stakeholders
  • Research and advise management on requirements and best practice approaches
  • Prepare requirement documentation including validated, tailored approaches that take into account best practices as well as unique customer program constraints
  • Work with users groups, including scientists, subject matter experts and stakeholders to define and prioritize project and system requirements
  • Prepare and document all functional, technical, and security requirements