About Us

Company Profile

IT-CNP, Inc. is a Government service oriented business enterprise headquartered in Columbia, Maryland. IT-CNP prides itself on its ability to strategically deliver information technology solutions to a diverse portfolio of Federal, State and Local Government customers. IT-CNP provides a variety of premier government-oriented web hosting, cyber security, information management and helpdesk services as a standard set of its service offerings. IT-CNP also provides industry leading certified professionals with solid technical background experience that enable them to address a full range of IT hardware and support issues.

IT-CNP has successfully performed on a multitude of government hosting and infrastructure information management and support contracts throughout Federal, State, and Local Governments. IT-CNP provides its government oriented web hosting services through its hosting division – GovDataHosting.Com, which was created to exclusively serve the demanding high availability and reliability needs of modern local, state and federal Government initiatives. More information about IT-CNP’s hosting solutions is available at www.it-cnp.com and www.govdatahosting.com.

IT-CNP utilizes a formal set of policies, procedures, forms and manuals necessary to provide the proper control structures to ensure that all hosted systems are properly maintained and supported. Of significance are the requisite policies and procedures to support configuration control and correct inventory of equipment and security controls applied to specific hosted systems. IT-CNP’s formal control structures have been carefully developed to integrate smoothly with NIST standards to ensure consistency and compliance with all the requirements entailed in applicable NIST publications, especially SP 800-34 Rev. 1, SP 800-53 Rev.3/4, and SP 800-137.

  • Established management team
  • Guaranteed secure environment and customer satisfaction
  • Strong past performance and project execution team committed to accomplish various tasks
  • Successful implemented strategic planning process
  • Strong line of business that fortifies the organization and satisfies the client’s needs

Headquartered in Maryland, IT-CNP is a premier provider of enterprise government-oriented Information Management, Cyber Security, Hosting and Customized Helpdesk solutions.

We are committed to helping our clients and partners meet unique IT business challenges by delivering proven solutions and expertise.  IT-CNP provides certified applications, network and security professionals with solid technical background experience to address a full range of information technology hardware and software challenges.

Our technical support professionals are pre-screened and credentials investigated before they are offered a position.  IT-CNP’s Team is comprised of seasoned professionals of diversified backgrounds and abilities with one goal in mind – to deliver a multitude of world class services to our government customer with 100% customer satisfaction.

IT-CNP employs a project management methodology that includes close interactions with the client to create a plan that defines what will be delivered as well as how success, performance and completion will be measured. We also conduct regular project progress reviews to ensure that projects meet their stated objectives, timelines, tollgates, milestones and deliverables.

We want to serve as a strategic partner with our clients, helping them achieve their missions through gains in productivity, streamlined operations and enhanced services. Our mission is to help our clients progress toward the future by assisting their efforts in implementing modern, complex and secure technology solutions. We achieve this by committing to quality and 100% customer satisfaction in all that we deliver, providing an objective analysis, and dedication to maintaining long-term relationships.

Mission and Values

Our customer support mission is to always provide platinum level support service and 100% customer satisfaction guarantee to all our customers regardless of their system size or budget.  We are proud to serve our customers with solutions that meet most challenging business, technical and system performance requirements while offering 100% availability and performance guarantee.

:: IT-CNP personnel are led by these core values:

  • Commitment and Assurance
  • Pride
  • Positive Attitudes
  • Professionalism
  • Organized and Structured
  • Flexible and Compliant