Advance your 
DoD Cloud Mission Objectives

Our comprehensive solution combines the power of AWS cloud services with robust security compliance and technical management services to meet the unique needs of government agencies and contractors. IT-CNP will help you confidently embrace the cloud while ensuring the highest levels of security and compliance.

Advance your DoD Cloud Mission Objectives

Fully Managed DoD-Compliant
Cloud Infrastructure

IT-CNP works with DoD customers to design a highly secure, compliant, and cost-efficient cloud solution to support a wide spectrum of DoD-specific missions and requirements, including the Authorization To Operate needed to meet DoD’s security control requirements and compliance policy.

IT-CNP offers a streamlined and customized cloud implementation approach by offering DoD agency users and contractors a choice between IT-CNP’sGovDataHosting Cloud Platform or AWS GovCloud to meet a variety of demanding DoD security and compliance standards including DoD Instruction 8500.01 Cybersecurity and DoD Cloud Computing Security Requirements Guide (CC SRG) which outlines the security model by which DoD leverages cloud service providers along with the security controls and requirements necessary for using cloud-based solutions.

Fully Managed DoD-Compliant Cloud Infrastructure
Ramp Up Security with Fully Managed Services

Ramp Up Security with Fully Managed Services

Whether you are deploying an application or migrating to a DoD-compliant cloud platform, IT-CNP will ensure you meet all security and compliance requirements to confidently achieve your DoD mission.

IT-CNP’s managed services relieve the operational burden of managing the security controls, operating system, containers, middleware, and applications that are associated with a DoD-compliant Infrastructure.

IT-CNP provides an all-inclusive service bundle combined with associated security compliance and technical managed services, including:

  • DoD-compliant cloud system security design
  • System network and server hardening
  • Periodic Configuration and patch management
  • Periodic Vulnerability scanning
  • Disaster recovery managed services
  • Protecting data in transit and at rest
  • Firewall management
  • Credential management
  • Identity and access management
  • VPC Network Configurations
  • DoD-compliant Security Operations Center (SOC) security event monitoring
  • DoD-compliant Incident Response and Reporting processes
Cloud Computing for U.S. Defense

Cloud Computing for U.S. Defense

IT-CNP offers two cloud platform options for DoD mission owners to accelerate their path to security compliance:

  • IT-CNP’s GovDataHosting Cloud Platform is a FedRAMP JAB Authorized Cloud Platform and provides compliance at DoD (SRG) Impact Level 2 (IL 2). Impact Level 2 (IL2) accommodates non-controlled unclassified information.
  • AWS GovCloud can be used to meet a variety of different security and compliance standards, including ITAR, FedRAMP, DFARS, and DOD (SRG) Impact Levels 4, 5, and 6 (IL 4, 5, 6).

    AWS GovCloud provides DoD mission owners with a DOD SCCA compliant solution by protecting data at Impact Levels 4 (IL 4), 5 (IL 5), and 6 (IL 6).

To help DoD mission owners identify the Impact Level needed to meet compliance, these are the defined Impact Level categories based on a combination of the Sensitivity of the information to be stored, managed, and transmitted in the cloud and potential impact of an event that results in the loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability of that information.

Impact Level 2 (IL2)

Impact Level 2 (IL2) Is best suited to provide compliance for public-facing websites or publicly releasable data, as well as non-public unclassified data where the unauthorized disclosure of information could be expected to have an adverse effect on the organization and their personnel.

Impact Level 4 (IL 4)

Impact Level 4 (IL 4) Is used for DoD controlled or non-controlled unclassified information, non-critical mission information and non-national security systems information.

Impact Level 5 (IL5)

Impact Level 5 (IL5) Caters to DoD higher sensitivity controlled unclassified information, mission-critical information, and national security systems information.

Impact Level 6 (IL6)

Impact Level 6 (IL6) Accommodates DoD classified SECRET and national security systems information.

As an AWS Public Sector Partner, IT-CNP leverages native AWS tools and services to provide scalable solutions for DoD customers, such as tactical edge solutions, artificial intelligence, and machine learning (AI/ML), high performance computing (HPC), or other capabilities.

IT-CNP provides integrated DoD cloud solutions and will help you identify the DoD (SRG) Level of impact needed to best manage your mission information and workloads. The primary differences are the security controls in place and the sensitivity of the information.

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