Let efficiency drive your bottom line.

Reduce costs and increase enterprise efficiency with full-service managed government system IT operations.

IT-CNP addresses today’s demanding information technology infrastructure transformation needs by emphasizing innovation and customer satisfaction in all we do. We streamline and boost productivity across operations, while offering superior and reliable IT infrastructure solutions that focus on a broader holistic service lifecycle.


Let efficiency drive your bottom line.
We support the entire system lifecycle.

We support the entire system lifecycle.

From defining the requirements to transitioning a system, and from modernization through decommission, IT-CNP guides you through each stage of the managed system lifecycle.

  • Initial System Implementation Planning
  • System Transition Planning
  • Security Compliance Preparedness
  • Technical and Security Compliance Documentation
  • On-Going Technical Operations
  • Continuous Security Compliance Monitoring
  • Configuration and Patch Management
  • Disaster Recovery Planning and Testing
  • System Decommissioning

Our managed IT system support includes all aspects of technical implementation, operations, and security compliance management.

Technologies Supported


J2EE, C, C++, .NET, C#, JavaScript, Visual Studio, PHP, ColdFusion, Fortran, Cobol, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, JCL, LISP, Test Suite (MI), IBM Rational Clear Case, SQL, XML


IB, SunOS, Solaris, UNIX, HP-UX, Windows, Apache, Tomcat, Novell, NetWare, Unisys MVS, Oracle AS, Lotus Notes, SharePoint, Drupal CMS

Support Tools

Cisco Works, Tivoli, Veritas, Citrix, Novel, Remedy, HP OpenView, BMC, Sniffer, Spectrum, ARCserv, SNORT, Check Raptor, SolarWinds, NetRanger, Nessus, McAfree, Symantec, Splunk


Cisco, Nortel, IBM, Sun, Dell, Compaq, HP, Marconi, Bay Networks, Ascend, Lucent, Nokia, Extreme Networks, DEC, Juniper


Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Informix, JDBS, Sybase, FoxPro, Clipper, Lotus Notes, Dbase, Paradox, MySQL, MariaDB

The Cost Benefits of Intelligent IT Operations

As technologies shift to the cloud, organizations are better able to collaborate seamlessly and in real time from across the globe. Efficiencies are created, organizational productivity is increased, and workflows are streamlined. The cost savings of this is apparent. Are you wasting money relying on legacy software and systems?

Find out how much you could save

Case Studies


During the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was facing a set of unprecedented challenges delivering health care and human services to its beneficiaries.

VA needed a cloud provider to host and maintain its Drupal Career Website, while maintaining and securing personally identifiable information (PII) of VA existing and prospective employees.
DoD required a military certified, secure and cost-effective government cloud provider to host and maintain its suite of public and private communications websites to enable faster support and response time SLAs.

Dedicated to Quality Feedback and Improvement

At IT-CNP, we’re dedicated to making your systems and processes run more smoothly. As such, we’re committed to facilitating open communication channels, learning from our customers, improving our methodologies, and delivering results that make a positive difference.

Dedicated to Quality Feedback and Improvement

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