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Cut Costs and Boost Efficiency with Our Full-Service Cloud Bundle Advantage

With IT-CNP on your side, complicated concepts are a thing of the past. IT-CNP is a fully-managed, FISMA-compliant and FedRAMP-certified cloud hosting provider that serves only Federal, state, and local government agencies.

Full-Service Cloud and Hosting Provider
Full-Service Cloud and Hosting Provider for Maryland Agencies
Discover How We Lead Cloud Innovation

IT-CNP is a fully-managed, FISMA-compliant and Maryland DOIT approved cloud hosting provider that serves Maryland state agencies. We are the only local cloud provider accredited to host Maryland and the Federal Government’s most sensitive data.

IT-CNP, Inc. Capability Statement Brochure
IT-CNP, Inc. Capability Statement Brochure
Securing America's Infrastructure

We are proud to serve our customers with solutions that meet the most challenging business, technical, and system performance requirements while offering 100% availability and performance guarantee.

GovDataHosting Infographic
GovDataHosting Infographic (a Division of IT-CNP, Inc.)
8 Reasons Customers Prefer Fully Managed GovDataHosting Cloud over Self-Service Cloud Providers Like AWS and Azure

What makes GovDataHosting the preferred choice over other self-service cloud providers, like AWS and Azure? Explore our fully managed cloud infographic to learn more!

GovDataHosting Whitepaper
GovDataHosting Whitepaper (a Division of IT-CNP, Inc.)
Streamlined FISMA Compliance for Federal Information Systems in the Cloud

GovDataHosting’s unique bundled approach significantly streamlines the A&A process by accelerating both Initiation and Assessment phases of the process, which has a dramatic schedule-reducing effect on the overall process.

GovDataHosting's Difference
GovDataHosting's Difference (a Division of IT-CNP, Inc.)
9 Critical Qualities To Look For In Your Government Cloud Service Provider

When searching for a government-oriented, FISMA-compliant and FedRAMP certified cloud hosting company, agencies must seek out prospects that stand out among the crowd. GovDataHosting makes a real difference with the nine essential attributes.