AWS Serverless Computing Website


During the COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) was facing a set of unprecedented challenges delivering health care and human services to its beneficiaries. During this health emergency, HHS was tasked as the lead on the Federal public health and medical response utilizing its personnel, medicine, science and technology.

The Challenge: With most of the population isolated at home due to the pandemic, the need for virtual health care, known as telehealth, has exponentially increased.

The agency needed a new way to cost effectively and quickly build a new website, publishing up-to-date federal efforts to support and promote telehealth information for health care providers and patients. A major part of the challenge was to ensure that this new telehealth platform is expeditiously implemented while meeting highly demanding scalability, efficiency and HHS security requirements.

The Solution: The agency tasked IT-CNP’s team with a compressed timeline to quickly plan, deploy and secure a new telehealth website, leveraging AWS cloud infrastructure and IT-CNP’s managed technology and security compliance services.

IT-CNP’s experts from the Cloud Center of Excellence chose to utilize AWS serverless computing infrastructure comprised of AWS CloudFront Content Delivery Network, AWS Lambda and Amazon S3, while also utilizing AWS WAF and AWS Shield for enhanced edge security.

In addition, our team implemented native AWS security, identity, compliance, management, logging, governance, and analytics services to ensure technical performance, availability, scalability, and security required for federal information systems.

The Benefit: IT-CNP's Cloud Center of Excellence and the power of AWS cloud delivering speedy and secure results.

The new telehealth website enabled HHS to expeditiously gain a new scalable platform capability to publish critical COVID-19 related information for health care providers and beneficiaries, while benefiting from significantly reduced operating cost and reduced management overhead. Selecting IT-CNP’s Cloud Center of Excellence team and AWS cloud platform was a key to obtaining a solution that met expeditious implementation and complex security requirements of the agency.