Data Center

GovDataHosting.Com is currently serving a variety of Federal, State and Local government customers. To preserve our customers’ confidentiality, our policy is against the release of specific customer information publicly. If you are looking for our past performance information for a specific agency, please contact our customer service department for more information.

Our Data Centers

Built to the hosting industry’s best practices, all our data centers feature multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers, precision environment, conditioned redundant power and communications security to accommodate the most demanding needs of the government hosting technology expectations.

Our Hardware

To deliver the best of class hosting environment GovDataHosting.Com has standardized on Dell and HP servers. However, customized Sun, IBM, EMC and SGI solutions are available per customer requirements.

Our Network

Our Cisco-powered network is structured, sophisticated and redundant with no single points of failure. Geared up for enterprise customer use, our network is dedicated to serving large amounts of traffic while providing 100% uptime performance.

System Monitoring

Our network and all systems are monitored to track system availability performance, uptime and security compliance (continous monitoring). Our system monitors all solution components from bandwidth utilization to system connectivity and instantly alarms our customer service personnel to any service failure.

Service Level Agreement

GovDataHosting.Com maintains and guarantees the following metrics of availability as part of our cloud hosting Service Level Agreement (SLA):

  • 100% Facility Infrastructure Guarantee
  • 100% Network and Server Infrastructure Guarantee
  • 100% Security Compliance Guarantee